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Do Children go to Heaven when they die? Yes!

Good conversation that I have had twice in the last two days with students – good conversations. Here is a slidepack that used with a class that I taught. Notice that I mention John MacArthur’s Safe in the Arms of God. This would be a good book to read on the subject. He has a lot more points than I.


Do children go to heaven when they die? Yes!

Children in Heaven – teaching

Find Out Friday at CCS – Questions 9-10

Here is the slidepack for:

9. Does God doubly elect?

10. Is there such a thing as a carnal Christian?



Slidepack for Apologetics on “Can you lose your salvation?”













Attached is the Slidepack for the assurance side of the topic. I will post the non-assurance side in another post . . . and I’m sure about that




DailyTheocentrism: If salvific election were not sure, it would have been possible that Christ die for no one. – JI Packer

How absurd it is to leave such movements of reality, yea THE MAIN EVENT  of the Gospel, into the hands of men.

To have a fuller version of this, read J.I. Packer’s introduction in Death of Deaths by John Owen.

“Salvific” – the adjective form of salvation (just in case) 🙂