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Jeopardy Game for Systematic Theology Study Game

Yes, you can study in answer-question format.

Click here!

Apologetics class Jeopardy Study Games

Go to these links to play the Jeopardy Games to aid in your study of the End of Quarter Exam.

DailyTheocentrism: Jesus isn’t in the limelight; He IS the Limelight

Thanks, Shai Linne.

Apologetics Class: Overview on Mormonism

Please see attached for overview on Mormonism to help with your debates. For more info, see

Mormons Overview

SysTheo Class Study and Presentations

Great work CCS Systematic Theology Classes! After 60+ hours of combined work, these are pretty good overviews. The Father is truly amazing!

See slides here and learn your class’ approach.

God the Father student presentations