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Yeah . . . I think this one get’s it

I’m usually not too given to the heavy stuff, but wow . . yeah . . . I think this one get’s it. If you are not familiar with the Ezekiel 36 passage, check out Ezekiel 36:16-38. What grace!!!

Final slides for Ezekiel

Here are the slides from this morning:

Ezekiel conclusion

Next stop . . . Wisdom Literature:

1. What is Wisdom?

2. How do we obtain Wisdom?

3. What does Wisdom profit?

4. Decision Making and the Will of God, part 1

5. Decision Making and the Will of God, part 2

6. Lessons from Wisdom Wasted

7 . . . . . Don’t Waste Your Life

Ezekiel 37 – Dry bones and Distinctives on the work of God

Below is the PowerPoint presentation for June 14 class.

Ezekiel 37

Excursus on grace, while in Ezekiel

This is the Powerpoint that I mentioned in class today that I would upload. I know there was a lot of references in it. Enjoy!

Grace Excursus for Ezekiel

DailyTheocentrism: “So they will know that I AM the LORD”-in one statement both grace and judgement from God, depending on who it befalls.

This theme of the Book of Ezekiel has the same two-fold significance that any presentation of the Lord has – a judgment for those who do not know Him and more grace for those who do. The issue here is how one is related to Him. This is not a club, but an intimacy. We are not above others, but connected to Him who is above all. This is where the so-called “non-Lordship” guys really miss it – even those being judged know that He is the LORD.