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Apologetics: History, Purpose and Perspective

Below are the PowerPoint Packs for review, reminder and study. This will prepare the class for the Mid Quarter 1 Test.

CCS ApologeticsCF Quotes

CCs Apologetics Intro

Creeds as Apologetics

SysTheo Slide Packs on Why/How we study Theology and Theology Proper: The Nature of God

We have had some GREAT discussions so far and are this day burdened a bit by the Sovereignty of God. I bring us back to Lewis’ statement in Hid book, “Till we have Faces“:

“Holy places are dark places. It is life and strength, not knowledge and words, that we get in them. Holy wisdom is not clear and thin like water, but thick and dark like blood.”

Let’s continue to think and pray and celebrate and worship our richly complex and beautiful God – the only God there is.

See below for the slide packs:


Class is beginning and it is time to Think!

The Desiring God conference 2010 was called “Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God.” To begin this year in Apologetics at CCS, we need to be provoked to Think! This is assignment #1. Watch the goals of the conference here and then read the book found here that was born from it.




As an option, you can watch the sermons found here, instead of reading the book. You DO NOT need to watch the panel discussions, interviews or the book presentation. NOTE NUMBER TWO: YOU ONLY HAVE TO WATCH 5 SERMONS – YOU PICK.