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DailyTheocentrism: A command to delight always must be coupled with always delightfulness

That is why we can only fully delight in God.

4 ´╗┐´╗┐Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice.

(NASB, Php 4:4)

DailyTheocentrism:To glorify God is no more than to . . .

DailyTheocentrism:To glorify God is no more than to reflect His own glory unto Him in joyous worship.We bear nothing glorious in ourselves; rather His same warming glory that I bask in as His child-may I be found to radiate it for my life and reflect it out back to Him, who has given me.Reflection,I pray…

DailyTheocentrism: Idolatry is doing what we are supposed to be doing- only doing it the wrong way

We are made to worship.
We are made to be dependent upon something or Someone greater than us. When we “worship” in any way, we are doing what we were made to do, only when we pervert it so as to place our gaze on ANYTHING other than God, we turn what is natural and right to unnatural sin.

Everything has it’s place.
Only God is to be worshipped.
Only God can bear the weight if glory.

So, who are you looking at?

DailyTheocentrism: Living is Christ (Phil. 1:21)

CBC Youth Camp Lesson 2: How are we Satisfied?

How are we satisfied?

CBC Satisfied Session 2