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Another great Year at River Valley Ranch! I love that place.

Having returned and rested (what does it mean when you are sore from two short paintball games, one round of dodge ball, 7 games of ping pong and preaching?..), I wanted to put up the slide packs that used in my teaching last weekend. Thanks again to everyone for letting get to know you and hear of many of your journey’s with Christ.

If you do not have Power Point, you can download a viewer here.

Here are the slides:


The videos I used were:

Misquoting Scholarship: the Irony of Bart Erhman’s writing and some notes from apologetics

Having now read, Misquoting Jesus . . .

See attached:

Veracity of the Scriptures

For now the Church . . . and then comes the end. SysTheo notes . . .

See attached for notes on Ecclessiology and Eschatology:


Baptism and Eucharist

Eschatology 1

Eschatology 2

Theodicy – The Problem of evil and God . . . apologetics notes

See attached.


I also recommend, because the PP Slides will likely lose them in the file upload:


The Gospel

Attached are the slides for the Gospel, as described in my Apologetics class.

The Gospel