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SysTheo and the Trinity, baby! We worship One God in Trinity and Trinity in unity . . .

TrinityAttached are the slide packs for our study of the Trinity, as well as a copy of the study guide. Any takers out there that aren’t in my class? C’mon!



SysTheoFather Research 2013

Role of the Spirit



SysTheo Sonship Presentations

SYSTHEO end-quarter 1 2013

Grace Christian, a cool place to worship, learn and talk about Following Jesus


I had a great week at Grace Christian School‘s Spiritual Explosion Week.

The topic: Follow.

My Headmaster at Cary Christian School graciously allowed me to go and share with this sister school fighting the good fight and we talked about everything from the problem of Individualism to the Good Life of loving God and loving people.

They are a great group, with great leadership.

I am attaching my PowerPoint slides for those who asked for it. The videos will not embed, but if someone wants those, they can ask.

Also, some asked for some of the books that I mentioned during the sessions. They are:

The Knowledge of the Holy

God’s Passion for His Glory

The Abolition of Man

Just Do Something


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