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Celebrity and the foolishness of God

Great article here:

I estimate that the most profitable remark, even above such a great post, is the comment at the bottom by Louis.

DailyTheocentrism:To be less into you . . .

The problem with trying to be humble to combat selfishness and pride is that you are still focused on YOU! The only way to kill self-pride is to put all your focus on another. The way we learn to not be so into ourselves is by being so into Christ. When we make much of Him – the only one who deserves praise – when we make much of Him, our appetites to make much of ourselves fades away. Let go of the monster . . .

To be less into you, you need to be more into Christ- then humility is born out of the fruit of your love for Christ.


DailyTheocentrism:Either we conform to the calling of God, or we seek to become Him