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Another great Year at River Valley Ranch! I love that place.

Having returned and rested (what does it mean when you are sore from two short paintball games, one round of dodge ball, 7 games of ping pong and preaching?..), I wanted to put up the slide packs that used in my teaching last weekend. Thanks again to everyone for letting get to know you and hear of many of your journey’s with Christ.

If you do not have Power Point, you can download a viewer here.

Here are the slides:


The videos I used were:

River Valley Ranch: What’s Your Vantage Point?

I was privileged to be a part of a ministry to Middle and High-Schoolers this past weekend at River Valley Ranch in upstate Maryland, near the border of Pennsylvania. It was a pretty intense weekend called “Winter Meltdown.” It is a GGRREEAATTT weekend retreat for both the students AND the leaders and volunteers. The RVR staff takes care of everything so they can achieve their goal, which is


to provide a place free from the distractions of everyday life, where students and leaders can focus on God and build meaningful relationships with each other.


From my perspective, they did just that. I am posting my slide packs here, so if any of the youth leaders want to refer back to these, they can. Use everything at will!

WMD Session 1

WMD Session 2

WMD Session 3

WMD Session 4


If anyone needs a great camp to go to for any of several reasons, RVR is the place to be!