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DailyTheocentrism: . . . the purpose: His Holy Name.

DailyTheocentrism:The event of the Assyrian/Babylonian captivity for the nation of Israel was so significant that all the prophetic books are about it,the nation never fully recovered from it,the kings disappeared after it;the purpose:His Holy Name. How important is His name to us?

DailyTheocentrism: It’s not ‘ok’ to be mad at God. (Job 40:1-5)

I have heard more than a few say that it is ok to be mad at God – both from the pulpit and from the pen. They contend that God appreciates our honesty and candor – That He “gets it” and would never turn away the  honesty of one of His children.

Honestly, we are rotten, deranged sinners. Honestly, we faced God in the Garden and at Galilee and we honestly suppressed the truth and honestly hated Him. Honestly, apart from Him we have no being, or movement, or minds, or existence. Honestly, I have no good in me, save Christ, who is the only honesty in me.

So, to depart from Him, so as to accuse Him at whatever level is ridiculous at best and blasphemous at  . . . well, that’s what it is. From where would we draw an ethic or morality by which to bring God to account? He expresses truth and reality and righteous is what He IS. not just what He is like. There is no other pool from which to dip to fill a cup of judgment to pour on Him – He alone is Just and the Justifier.

Honestly, it’s not ‘ok’ to ever be mad at God.

DailyTheocentrism: “So they will know that I AM the LORD”-in one statement both grace and judgement from God, depending on who it befalls.

This theme of the Book of Ezekiel has the same two-fold significance that any presentation of the Lord has – a judgment for those who do not know Him and more grace for those who do. The issue here is how one is related to Him. This is not a club, but an intimacy. We are not above others, but connected to Him who is above all. This is where the so-called “non-Lordship” guys really miss it – even those being judged know that He is the LORD.

Ezekiel 24-29 Slidepack

Ezekiel 24-32 is God’s judgment on the surrounding enemy nations of Israel and Judah. Slides used in NewLife ABF are provided as highlights

Ezekiel 24-29