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The “small” Questions have begun – Apologetics and the anatomy of a question

Below are the slide packs for the last two questions:

Do babies Go to Heaven When They Die?


Can You Lose Your Salvation?

We call these the “small” questions like C.S. Lewis called his buildings the “New Buildings” – meaning they were only 300 years old. These questions are “small” like that, when compared to theodicy, the existance of God and neo-darwinism.





Apologetics 3Mid Exam Guide

Do Children go to Heaven when they die? Yes!

Good conversation that I have had twice in the last two days with students – good conversations. Here is a slidepack that used with a class that I taught. Notice that I mention John MacArthur’s Safe in the Arms of God. This would be a good book to read on the subject. He has a lot more points than I.


Do children go to heaven when they die? Yes!

Children in Heaven – teaching

Kids – Don’t Waste Your Lives!

My boys, Jacob and Ben wanted to make sure there was a voice – or a few that the kids would hear as well. Even though the Remix is fun, don’t miss the words!