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Vocab: aesthetics. It is that which is beautiful. Aesthetics proper: God.

Thanks, brother Brad. The Systematic Class will Love this!

DailyTheocentrism: If salvific election were not sure, it would have been possible that Christ die for no one. – JI Packer

How absurd it is to leave such movements of reality, yea THE MAIN EVENT  of the Gospel, into the hands of men.

To have a fuller version of this, read J.I. Packer’s introduction in Death of Deaths by John Owen.

“Salvific” – the adjective form of salvation (just in case) 🙂

Al Mohler Tweet

albertmohler “Both beauty and ugliness have an immediate evidential power, the one pointing to truth & goodness the other to error and evil.” Thom. Dubay

This goes well with a discussion on affections that I have been having with many of you through this blog/facebook/twitter and with a dear friend in person today.