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DailyTheocentrism: Faith in a chair is really faith in the chair’s future’s future; which is faith in God

Admittedly, this was ripped of from John Piper’s “God’s Passion for His Glory” – I think . . .

The proposition is an adjustment to the common illustration of faith – sitting in a chair. It is stated that when you sit in a chair you put faith in it. You rest your complete weight upon it and thereby, exercise faith in it, right? Not exactly.

What you are actually doing is putting your faith in the chair’s future’s future – and actually thereby putting your faith in God. Let me explain:

1. When approaching the chair, you must have some prior knowledge that the device is for sitting and the holding up of weight and that it, or a form of it, has likely held you in the past. Chairs are for sitting.

2. Even though you have sat in the device in the past that is designed for sitting AND it held you up before, what is to give you the idea that the principles that worked in your favor before – while in suspended animation aloft this said chair? Why would the chair, or a form of it, hold you again – unless there is some stability of principle(s) that is/are consistent.  Chairs can hold people as a normal practice because of the principles that dictate its design and structure.

3. The principles must be from without and cannot be self-contained in the object itself. Someone has designed the principles that are used to design the materials.

4. So, you are trusting in the current chair, which is the future of the chair that embarked you upon the road of chair sitting, only confident that that’s chair’s future chair will hold you because of a consistency of things- chairs- thus, bringing you to trust in the original chair’s future’s future. It is the ultimate principle behind all of this that finds locus in God.

Hey . . . take a load off – sit down – and chew on that a while.

And Can it Be? The Root of “Amazing Love – You are My King”

This song is replete with truth and may be unknown to some of you. This slideshow presentation is good, in that it does not distract from the words. Read the words; hear the words; live the words.

What it means to be held

This song was born out of dealing with the messiness of life and the results of a sin-wrecked world. He will never leave us – those who know Him through His Son – but, what comfort is there for those who do not?

May we weep for humanity and call with loud voices to the strong and able hand of the Good Shepherd.

Question about Prayer and Sovereignty

I will “seed” this open guitar case [Please see AskRob at the top and/or right and hover your pointer over the the button/link to see what that category is for] with a few bucks here by uploading some question dialogs that I have had as of late with some mates from the class I teach. Here is one:

Howdy Rob,

Thanks for sending the extra notes, I’ve been slowing reading through them and it’s been great!  These came at a perfect time because I’ve been wanting something new to read/study in the morning and this has been very structured & challenging which I like.

As for my questions, I hope I can word them in a way that makes sense.  Also, if you’ve already answered them in class, I apologize, sometimes when I’m taking in a lot of new info, I don’t absorb everything right away. So here goes…(oh and please no rush on these, I realize you are very busy!)

(1) After learning about the attributes of God, I felt confused about the purpose of prayer, or whether it is ok to pray for things (like for someone who is sick, or for help with finances, etc).  To clarify, what I mean: Is the purpose of prayer to help open our eyes to the path God has laid out for us and open our hearts to align to His will as opposed for asking for things to change?  I know it is always good to praise/thank God, and I often pray that He would guide my steps & show me what is true because I want to do what is right.  Or if I am angry I tell God about it and ask for help to process it correctly, or if I really want something (want not need), I might mention it in prayer and then pray that God would show me what He wants in that area and change my heart to match His.

But for example this week, [my daughter] is sick for the first time (horrible!!!) & I have been praying for peaceful sleep for her & quick healing.  I don’t know how to explain my question about this type of prayer, but basically I’m wondering if this is the right way to pray about the situation and if not, what is?  Is it ever ok to ask specifically for something that is wanted (like her getting well or for us to be able to afford for me to continue to stay home)?  And if not, how do we pray about these kinds of things?  Likewise, I am not even sure about praying for someones salvation in light of election. Which leads to my next question. Read the rest of this entry »