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In the midst of it all, God’s love is more . . .

As some of us have been taking a hard look at life and the danger of wasting it, paradigm shiftd have ensued. What we must never forget is the deep, deep love of God.

Please take the time to watch this sermon.

It matters.

Treasuring Christ Church: Beautiful Feet

My wife and I were commenting to each other that the song, “Beautiful Feet” by Lacrae reminded us of Sean Cordell and those at TCC in Raleigh. With a burden to reach the inner-city – and doing it – they remind us all of the hard work to be done. I think that I have been forgetting that over the past few years. May God give us all “beautiful feet”, like them. If you have never looked them up – you should.


And Can it Be? The Root of “Amazing Love – You are My King”

This song is replete with truth and may be unknown to some of you. This slideshow presentation is good, in that it does not distract from the words. Read the words; hear the words; live the words.

DailyTheocentrism: Of Jesus, a testimony – “He is my Life. I cannot live without Him.”

A couple of days ago, I was at a brother’s mechanic shop and we encountered a parts delivery man named HaHa – he is Vietnamese. Dimitrious and I we discussing the LORD and how we are failures and HaHa saw Dim’s Bible open on the back of a pollen-stained Mercedes in for repairs – fitting . . . Anyhow, after the paperwork was signed, HaHa stayed to listen. He then asked about our conversation and spoke broken English to us about an online audio Bible. I asked him if he was a believer and he responded, “Oh, yes. I believe in Jesus. He is my Life. I cannot live without Him.” I asked how long he had known the Lord and he dated it back to 1986 – he looked to be in his 50’s. He told us that his parents were Buddhists, but when he came to America he learned about the One, true and Living God through His Son, Jesus Christ. His whole demeanor spoke of his absolute love for Jesus.

Dim wrote me later and said this of the encounter:

That man yesterday ‘feels the meaning’, knows and has found true and everlasting forgiveness¬†at the simple mention of his Savior’s Name, Jesus. He is aware; he is conscious of Him. If you looked into his [tear-filled] eyes and the fullness of desire for Jesus and His Word,¬†that man had True Life! He said “He is my Life. I cannot live without Him.” May we be the same. ‘Break us Lord that we may pour out your living water for all to see; then, you Lord, if it’s your will, make them believe.’

HaHa left, a new-found brother of ours, but the Lord that binds us moved me to remember that He builds His church, for He Is the the Alpha and the Omega; the beginning and the end; the Almighty . . . we cannot live without Him either.