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DailyTheocentrism: What man cannot do-What is crooked cannot be straightened and what is lacking cannot be counted.Ecc 1:15

I think too of Luke 3:5 and Acts 13:10 . . .

We are “crooked souls tryin’ to stay up straight” and it’s like chasing the wind.

May we depend . . .

May we bend . . .

May we end our striving and know that He is God.

Sleepless this Thursday with the Lord

It’s late.

It was Thursday that the Sovereign of the universe was being taken back and forth throughout the night to 6 mock trials. He was handled by men. He was willing.

There was no more rest for Him, for His hour had come. We cannot watch and pray. We cannot understand. We cannot do anything apart from Him – and He was laying down His life.

In glory, He never rests. On earth He took on gravity. This night marked the end of His earthly rest until His body would submit to lifelessness – still and heavy. We did that. He was willing.

It’s late. I will sleep tonight, though – because that night was His hour; that night He rested not; that night He was handled by men; that night He was willing; that night He redeemed me; that night He hinged history and bent it all back to the Garden.

He did it all while we slept.

wake up

What it means to be held

This song was born out of dealing with the messiness of life and the results of a sin-wrecked world. He will never leave us – those who know Him through His Son – but, what comfort is there for those who do not?

May we weep for humanity and call with loud voices to the strong and able hand of the Good Shepherd.

DailyTheocentrisms:Two great Twitter posts on some implications of Christ’s work

Because Christians find refuge, not in what we can do, but in what Christ has done, we don’t need to save face; we r free to admit r faults

Because Christians locate their identity in Christ’s achievement & not our own, we can admit our weaknesses freely without feeling deflated