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A Little Help with some lyrics . . .

I have already posted this, but here are the lyrics for those (like me) who couldn’t quite keep up.

Don’t Waste Your Life

Audio Sermon Ecclesiastes 1:12-17 (2004)

Ecclesiastes 1,12-18small

DailyTheocentrism: Idolatry is doing what we are supposed to be doing- only doing it the wrong way

We are made to worship.
We are made to be dependent upon something or Someone greater than us. When we “worship” in any way, we are doing what we were made to do, only when we pervert it so as to place our gaze on ANYTHING other than God, we turn what is natural and right to unnatural sin.

Everything has it’s place.
Only God is to be worshipped.
Only God can bear the weight if glory.

So, who are you looking at?

When you have faith in Jesus – well, that means A LOT

2 Corinthians 1:24

Below is a good addition to the subject of how the Cross of Christ is to be, as Piper puts it, the Blazing Center of the life not wasted – a proper life, a life lived for the purpose for which it was given. This is what saddens me regarding those who get caught up in the Lordship/Free Grace debate who say something like, “all you have to do is ‘believe’ in Jesus – anything else is works.” As if believing is so shallow, so sterile. Believing in, or having faith in (Greek, pistis is the same root for both “believe” and “faith”) is profoundly exhaustive as a total-life change/revolution/redemption/directive. He is everything and to have faith in Him is to connect to the One who is the center of life. To believe is whole life – the means and the end.

Don’t Waste Your Life – Week 1

Here is the first week in our study through the New Life ABF. The first step to living a life that is not wasted is to realize:

1. Everything is His (God’s)

2. He is our Purpose

3. He is our Life

This is a starting point for a proper view, not just of Christianity, but reality. We areĀ enamored in our culture with “reality shows”, which are clearly not real. They are the marketed perversions of life that are based upon illusionary, perceived realities – they are only fulfilled idolatry. Christ is real. God is real. Eternity is real.

Slideshow here: DWYL Week 1