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The Song of the Savior – A Parable

Truth be told, it is an unusual thing to find something in the forest. So, Alathea was simply startled when she found a lost boy in the Eon Forest. There he was: like sadness itself, alone and confused. She knelt down to look into his eyes, and he in hers, and told him with not-so-many words that she could be trusted – and somehow these words he understood.

“What is your name?”, she asked with a gentle help up.

“Adam”, he said.

“Well, Adam, I am Alathea and I am wondering how you came to be in such an ancient and dense wood all by yourself.”

“I dunno”, said Adam.

“Are you lost, then?”, she asked.

“I dunno”, he repeated.

She couldn’t bear to continue asking such questions, for they seemed to be frightening him at each new realization that he was, in fact, lost. She spritely took his hand and said, “Well, Adam, as long as you are here, let me show you around. There is so much to see and hear in my country that it will cheer you right up.

As the girl guided him from valley to vale, he seemed to be warmed by her words and explanations. His senses and imagination began to be filled with wonderful sights and smells. Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t Waste Your Life – Week 1

Here is the first week in our study through the New Life ABF. The first step to living a life that is not wasted is to realize:

1. Everything is His (God’s)

2. He is our Purpose

3. He is our Life

This is a starting point for a proper view, not just of Christianity, but reality. We are enamored in our culture with “reality shows”, which are clearly not real. They are the marketed perversions of life that are based upon illusionary, perceived realities – they are only fulfilled idolatry. Christ is real. God is real. Eternity is real.

Slideshow here: DWYL Week 1