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Materials needed to write the SysTheo Hermeneutics Project Paper

academic writing Calvin and HobbesSee below for the  samples and further instructions for writing your paper:

    1. Ask a Question. This is your topic
    2. Determine what authoritative resources will help you answer that question, and then resource them.
    3. As you are getting answers, organize the different answers into options. This is your division.
    4. Think about the options. Choose the one that seems most biblical/plausible/correct. This is your thesis.
    5. Make an outline and then write the paper (3-5 pages) that follows this format:
      1.                                                                            i.      Introduction – the “hook” of the paper that introduces your topic and question. It convinces us that it is an important question and why we should listen. (1/3 of a page)
      2.                                                                          ii.      Narration – the background material that will help the audience get up to speed with topic and move toward being able to understand your thesis. NOTE: this section DOES NOT include arguments for or against anything – just background data. (1/2 a page)
      3.                                                                        iii.      Division – a listing of all of the main options or views in answering your question. You should choose one and state it at the end of this section – that choice is your thesis. (1/2 a page)
      4.                                                                        iv.      Proof – the body of the paper proper that lists all the reasons why you chose the view you did. This section is only positive – no refutation of other views mentioned. (1.5 pages)
      5.                                                                          v.      Refutation – what was lacking in the other views that made you reject them. (2/3 of a page)
      6.                                                                        vi.      Conclusion – a general restating of the issue, the thesis, and potentially a call to action or thought. (1/2 a page)

SysTheo Hermeneutics Project

Sample Paper with footnotes

Sample Bibliography

Sample table of contents

Sample Term_paper_cover

Beginning studies in Research Methodology

Hey, Juniors. Here are the beginnings and a sample bibliography. Remember, the bibs are due on 4/10 at the end of class . . . and you will not have all of the class to work on them. 🙂 Also, see here for a GUIDE.

CCS Junior Thesis 1

CCS Junior Thesis 2

Bibliography for 1 John 5.8

Bibliography for Lordship