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Help for Junior Thesis

Requirements and Schedule:

Junior Thesis Schedule and Details

On the Cover Page, just replace unique information.


Here is attached an example cover sheet:

Cover-Page – Template

Here is my paper on 1 John 5:7-8:

Comma Johanneum

Appendix 1 for 1 John 5.7-8

Bibliography for 1 John 5.8

Table of Contents for comma

The Comma Johanneum (PowerPoint)

Bibliography-for-1-John-5.8-1 PLUS ANNOTATED EXAMPLE

Beginning studies in Research Methodology

Hey, Juniors. Here are the beginnings and a sample bibliography. Remember, the bibs are due on 4/10 at the end of class . . . and you will not have all of the class to work on them. 🙂 Also, see here for a GUIDE.

CCS Junior Thesis 1

CCS Junior Thesis 2

Bibliography for 1 John 5.8

Bibliography for Lordship