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Can you lose your salvation? Here are two approaches: for Systheo Exam





Find out Friday #5-8

Realized that I never posted these. Slidepack attached and contains some easy ones . . . does mankind have freewill, what about (pedo & credo) baptism, could Christ have sinned (peccability) and how can you know God’s will for your life . . . you know . . . the easy stuff . . .


Lord of all Creation – that means you and me

Systematic Theology must be lived theology – theology of worship!

Singing with our brother, Job. Only God can give us this . . .

May we learn a lot from our brother, Job. Good work Systematic Theology Class!

Divine Intervention: Lecrae starts with Creation . . . good place to start.

This is for a special “fun day” in my Systematic Theology Class. Thanks for the recommendation, Hannah!