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CCS SysTheo Slides on intro to Theology Proper

If you were asked, “Who is God?” . . . where would you begin?

Creator, Sovereign and Judge

Lord of all Creation – that means you and me

Systematic Theology must be lived theology – theology of worship!

DailyTheocentrism: Some of the most ironic words spoken: Exodus 32 – “. . . make for us gods . . .”

A brother has reminded me of this passage in Exodus 32 today and I think again on the ridiculous nature of idolatry. Speaking to Aaron, a man, they said, “Come, make us (a) god(s) who will . . .” This is the great irony – a man is to make a (so-called) god. God is not a man (Numbers 23:19, 1 Samuel 15:29, Job 9:32) and He does not dwell in what we build (Acts 7:48, 17:24). Yet, the people asked Aaron to MAKE a god for them – not to mention the Living God that just brought them out of the world super-power with tremendous signs and wonders – they asked Aaron to make a god for them . . . and he does.

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