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The Gospel

Christianity is not one of many world religions – it’s reality . . . only because Jesus/God is reality. That is where it must always begin.

God really Is. (Genesis 1:1; Exodus 3:14; Daniel 4:34)

The Godhead is made of of Three Persons, yet Triune as God (Deut. 6:4; Isaiah 45:5; 1 Cor.8:4; Matt. 3:16-17, 28:19; John 1:18,  10:30, 14:9; Col. 1:15-20) unique in Roles and Personhood, but not essence nor being.

This means the Father is God (John 6:27)

Jesus is God (John 20:28-29)

The Spirit is God (Acts 5:3-4) {At this point let me mention the obvious that these are but granular sample-texts within a Sahara of truth the Scriptures teach on the subject}

So, there is God and He is before all things, made all things, holds all things together and will bring to account all things – AND He made it all for Himself. (Romans 11:33-36)

That is what is really going on. That is where it must always begin.

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DailyTheocentrism: Idolatry is doing what we are supposed to be doing- only doing it the wrong way

We are made to worship.
We are made to be dependent upon something or Someone greater than us. When we “worship” in any way, we are doing what we were made to do, only when we pervert it so as to place our gaze on ANYTHING other than God, we turn what is natural and right to unnatural sin.

Everything has it’s place.
Only God is to be worshipped.
Only God can bear the weight if glory.

So, who are you looking at?

Atonement for SIN in the Millennial Kingdom?

In this slidepack, (Ezek 38-48) we covered a brief overview of Ezekiel 38-48, merely to hit the hot buttons of the passages. One of the most profound issues in this section of the Text is the prophecy of the “prince” who will make sin offerings in the temple during the millennial reign of Christ. This has brought up so many issues that a myriad of thoughts (well, maybe not a myriad) and conclusions have arisen:

1. Maybe this is not the Millennial Kingdom

2. The offering could only be memorial

3. It’s not really a sin offering

4. Etc.

The main path that one walks to understand this passage is to remember that  what appears to be the problem – that there can be no atonement after Christ has made atonement, once for all. (Hebrews 7:17; 9:12, 25-28) It is of the utmost of importance to remember that the sacrifice of animals never atoned for sin. (Heb 10:3-4) They did not before Christ – they do not after.

Only the blood of Christ atoned for all before Him and all after Him – even for those who would believe.

So, why the sacrifice?

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