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Blog Nostalgia – Anthology and Review

A friend of mine told me that he missed seeing the posts. I have been so busy since last Fall, that I have definitely slowed down here. I think I can help AND deal with something that I have always had issues with.

Since blog posts are a bit more “now” than even magazines and newspapers, these e-periodical submissions are easily lost when new posts push the older ones out. I have to imagine that few dig around on the site to fine useful reading in the archived material. I know of other bloggers that will go back and take useful past posts and provide a review of sorts, so I thought I would as well. Just click the links to see the posts.


I’ll start with the Lighter Stuff.


The first is an old favorite about Chick Fil A. I was just starting out on the blog and wanted to take a little extra time to write a bit more. If the writing becomes cumbersome, just go right to the video.


The next has been a great favorite laugh moment of mine for a while. It is Bob Newhart at his best in what I call, The Darker Side of Nouthetic Counseling.


A fun site is mentioned in a wordle of The Apostles Creed.


Finally, on a cheeky, but serious note, why are we so easily shut down when wanting to talk about Jesus – but, not ice cream?



More anthologies to come!