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Does God Exist? 18 Arguments, one challenge – you decide.








I teach Apologetics in a private Christian High School in Cary, NC and one of the topics is answering the challenge of the existence of God. I take the Five Ways of Thomas Aquinas and add 13 more, to provide 18 Arguments for the Existence of God.

You can find it here: Does God Exist

See also: session 2

The arguments move in degree from inquiring if the so-called atheist might actually be unsure, plausibly agnostic, maybe considering theism or actually able and willing to consider Christian theism.

One of the arguments in the middle is an argument from Religion, itself. I argue that there has never been a thoroughly atheistic culture in human history – anywhere . . . anytime. I am using “atheism” a bit broader in definition to mean people who do not believe in any kind of spiritual reality or accountability. That they are more akin to materialists (the philosophical kind that think matter is all there is – not the greedy king that just want the bling.)


As I was giving this argument in another setting, I was challenged to look up the Piraha people of the Amazon Jungle in/near Brazil. There was an episode or two on the television that proposed these people to be just that thoroughly atheistic culture that I was denying existed. So, I did.

My journey took me to a couple of YouTube videos, an article or two, a “Wiki-trail” and finally to Daniel Everett’s book, “Don’t Sleep, There are Snakes: Life and Language in the Amazonian Jungle.”


I encourage the reader to watch the videos below, then read the Wiki-articles (I realize Wikipedia is not a legit resource, but these are pretty well documented) about Everett, SIL (the mission org), the Piraha, their predecessors – the Mura, an interesting article and then read the prologue and what you can of Everett’s book on (I use the “Look Inside” function :))

Links are below and as for the challenge against the argument for religion . . . WHAT DO YOU THINK?