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It’s not funny . . .

I had heard of this video (Click here) that is on I know that Justin Taylor has blogged about it, as well as many others.  You need only to listen to about the first 8 minutes to get it.

My curiosity took the better part of me to look it up, not just because I am a ridiculously curious person, although I am, rather it was because I have experienced this all too often. Here, it is on video with John Piper. Here, it is clear that something is wrong. Here, it is a caricature – a cliche – because these are counselors – so-called, Christian, counselors. This reminds me of some of the conversations I listened to as a young pastor when the older guys would “let their hair down.” I have had to learn how desperately we all need grace, especially those of us that the Lord allows to sit so close to watch Him work – that is pastoral ministry after all, front-row seats to see Him work.

The video tagged above illustrates something I have wanted to say, but have never found/taken the opportunity to say it AS I WAS EXPERIENCING it, for fear of crushing or disproportionately rebuking those I was teaching, or sitting with while another was teaching – or listening with as others were confessing, or reading with as God’s Word was speaking. This is the great anesthesia of the Enemy – to make light of that which matters most and much of that which matters little. We need to wake up, listen – be sober and vigilant – to watch and pray, for our laughter betrays us.

The reality is:

Sin – it’s not funny.

The lost going to hell – it’s not funny.

The heresy of a wolf – it’s not funny.

A sinner getting caught and punished – it’s not funny.

The wrath of God – it’s not funny.

The sacrifice of Christ – it’s not funny.

The weakness of our flesh – it’s not funny.

The tears of a brother – it’s not funny.

In Ezekiel, God, speaking of the greatness of His name and the greatness of Israel’s sin, often asks, “Is it too slight a thing? . . . ”

Is it?