CCS Junior Thesis about to begin

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The time has come in apologetics to begin working on the Junior Thesis. This year we will travel as a class on Monday, March 30 to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. We are going to SEBTS to do research in their fine library for our Junior Thesis Project. The purpose of this project is to teach the methodology of academic research and that is why I like to expose them to an academic library. It’s a great trip.

We will leave CCS at about 8:10, arriving in Wake forest around 9. We will work in the library from 9-12. From there, we will travel to Milton’s Restaurant, where we will have a buffet lunch until 1:20. We will depart the restaurant and drive back to CCS, returning at 2:20.


What your student will need:

–        Dress Uniform

–        This permission slip signed (SEE ATTACHED AT BOTTOM)

–        Money for lunch:

  • $16 if Buffet and drink is wanted
  • $13 if just a buffet and water is wanted

–        NOTE: I know that this is a high price for lunch, but this buffet offers every type of food from vegetarian, to ribs and chicken, to pasta, to pizza. We also set it up to leave a really good tip to be a generous and loving group to the staff there. When I called, they remembered us from last year and looked forward to our return. This we do to honor Christ’s name.  If there is any problem with the student not having this money, we will work it out and make sure they eat with everyone else.

Thank you!

Mr. Stansberry

CCS Apologetics Junior Thesis Trip

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