Apologetics Assignment 2

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Let’s go a little deeper in our look at the 18 Arguments for the Existence of God:

1. The Moral Argument: C.S. Lewis is of late the most attributed for the use of this argument. Go to this website – http://www.philosophy.ucsb.edu/faculty/anderson/moral_arguments_for_the_existence_of_God.html – and then summarize this page in about 1/2 Page Essay.

2. The Five Ways: Go to this website – http://www.basilica.org/pages/ebooks/St.%20Thomas%20Aquinas-Summa%20Theologica.pdf – and read pages 163-167 on the Existence of God. Write a 1/2 Page Essay on you opinion of HOW Aquinas communicates this. What do you like about what he says? What else do you think? This is an opinion piece.

Turn in two essays at the end of class if possible. If not, they can be turned in at the beginning of class tomorrow.