DailyTheocentrism: Dependency reaches from the integrity of molecules to the trappings of men (John 15:5)

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It is true. (John 15:5)

There were great ironies on the cross that D.A. Carson talks about here.

In line with that, it is true that while men were mocking the Lord on the Cross, He was, by the exercise of His will holding their molecules together; making the air respirate in their lungs that bore the blashphemous sounds to their tongues; maintaining the gravity that stayed them fast to the ground that His blood dripped upon; holding the planet on which they reside in its orbit around the sun; maintaining the integity of the universe in which IT resides. (Col. 1:17; Acts 17:28)

Even at the Cross of Calvary, it was through Him that all things are accomplished. (John 10:18)