Prepositional Salvation

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We are saved:

  • From God
  • By God
  • To God
  • For God

We are often perplexing the masses for a blanket call to “be saved.” The question begged is, “What do we need to be saved from?” We know where this is going: sin, because it’s against God, because He’s Holy, because He will punish . . . and so on. The reality is that not only are we thorougly¬† plagued by a very small view of God, but we are also plagued by a very small view of sin. In Ezekiel, God says. “Is it so small a thing?” Based on how we respond to so much of the sins we encounter, we would answer in the affirmative – no big deal, right?

The reality is that we are not in trouble with sin, rather because of it. This kills us and now death is our enemy (more on that another time). The reality is that the death we receive is at the hand of God and it is His wrath that we need to be saved from, “For the wrath of God . . .” (Romans 1) Since we cannot “save ourselves” we are helpless, hapless and hopeless – were it not for a Savior. It is marvelous that the Savior is God, though. So, truly, we are saved from God, by God.