DailyTheocentrism: The “Power of Prayer” that changes God’s mind is likened unto Open Theism, aka heresy.

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I have heard countless pithy statements like:

– prayer changes things (meaning, “gets things done”)

– there’s power in prayer (just add incantation . . )

– we are empowered by your prayers (man-powered ministry)

– God’s will is activated by prayer (I guess a little leaven . . . )

– I felt your prayers (what’s a little animism between friends?)

I bring these few up among many others to demonstrate how we have it all on it’s head. If prayer does change anything, it changes the one who is praying as they conform the the sovereign will of God. See the Model Prayer for help: Matthew 6:9-13

He is the Creator, Sustainer and Judge. We go to Him to get answers, not give them. And there we find grace and mercy and care.

There is no power in prayer, rather there is power in God.