DailyTheocentrism: “Having more” is having Christ

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Rich Mullins once said that,

“Everybody I know says they need just one thing, but what they really mean is they need just one thing MORE. Everybody thinks they got it coming, I know that I don’t deserve You, still I want to love and serve You more and More – You’re my One Thing”

As Jesus turned His attention to His disciples alone in Matthew 13 and following, he told them of two men – one who had much and one who had little. The one who had much was like them: being able to listen to and hear AND be in Christ’s Kingdom. They might not have a purse or a coat, but they have Christ and “having more” is having Christ.

The other guy, the one who has little, is the one who has everything in this world, but not Christ. What they think they have (they don’t) will be taken away, with nothing remaining – just nakedness of body and soul. This was the issue with the Rich Landowner with his “bigger barns” in Luke 12:13-21. He did not even have life.

The sad question is, what if the bigger barns are “church” buildings?