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Practice Study guide for SysTheo

Take a practice. Friday is coming!

SYSTHEO end quarter 1guide

“We worship a God in Trinity and Trinity in Unity . . . ”

As goes the Quote form the Athanasian Creed, so Gos what is true – namely that the Trinity is in perfect unity. How do they get along? Here are the slidepacks from CCS SysTheo class. enjoy!



CCS SysTheo on the Intro to the Trinity: If it can be shown . . .

See slidepack for details



Francis Chan called Him the “Forgotten God” – it’s amazing how that can be true

Slidepack for the wok on the Holy Spirit for SysTheo.

Role of the Spirit

SysTheo work on Sonship in the NT

See attached for slidepack on Sonship in the New Testament. Where is all of this going? Wait and see . . .

SysTheo Sonship Presentations2