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CCS SysTheo: How do we talk of God?


CCS Slides on the Perfections/Attributes of God


Our closing sessions in Systematic Theology at CCS – Issues in Modern Theology – Are you aware? . .

In these slidepacks, Open Theism, The Quest for the Historical Jesus, The New Perspectives on Paul and The Emergent Church are discussed. All of these are various levels of a blight on Christendom and need to be addressed, none more than Open Theism.

We would do well to follow after the once, future king of Israel, David, when he arrived in the Valley of Elah to bring supplies to his brothers at war with the Philistines, as well as gather info to bring back to his father. Coming upon the scene of Goliath of Gath taunting God’s army, David says,

“For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should taunt the armies of the living God?” – 1 Samuel 17:26

A ruddy, small, young man was the only one who got it – no matter who, no matter what and no matter how against the masses and odds it is, when someone speaks against God or His truth- respond. Later, Israel would be nearly consumed by the wrath of God over THEIR defaming God’s name . . .

Believe. Live. Respond.

open theism


PP File for SysTheo OT Sonship work

See attached for the slide pack for the work accomplished in class for CCS SysTheo class on the Sonship of God in the Old Testament. Great work to all involved! NOTE: The info in these slides will contain material that you are tested on, regardless of what might have leaked into your notes. 🙂

SysTheo Sonship Presentations


DailyTheocentrism: Omnipresence and Omniscience are the same thing – to be fully aware is to be there.


Psalm 139:2
“Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising.”

Me thou knowest, and all that comes of me. I am observed when I quietly sit down, and marked when I resolutely rise up. My most common and casual acts, my most needful and necessary movements, are noted by thee, and thou knowest the inward thoughts which regulate them. Whether I sink in lowly self-renunciation, or ascend in pride, thou seest the motions of my mind, as well as those of my body. This is a fact to be remembered every moment: sitting down to consider, or rising up to act, we are still seen, known, and read by Jehovah our Lord.

“Thou understandest my thought afar off.”

Before it is my own it is foreknown and comprehended by thee. Though my thought be invisible to the sight, though as yet I be not myself cognizant of the shape it is assuming, yet thou hast it under thy consideration, and thou perceivest its nature, its source, its drift, its result. Never dost thou misjudge or wrongly interpret me, my inmost thought is perfectly understood by thine impartial mind. Though thou shouldst give but a glance at my heart, and see me as one sees a passing meteor moving afar, yet thou wouldst by that g!impse sum up all the meanings of my soul, so transparent is everything to thy piercing glance.

Psalm 139:7
“Whither shall I go from thy spirit?”

Here omnipresence is the theme, – a truth to which omniscience naturally leads up. Not that the Psalmist wished to go from God, or to avoid the power of the divine life; but he asks this question to set forth the fact that no one can escape from the all-pervading being and observation of the Great Invisible Spirit. Observe how the writer makes the matter personal to himself – “Whither shall I go?” It were well if we all thus applied truth to our own cases. It were wise for each one to say – The spirit of the Lord is ever around me: Jehovah is omnipresent to me.

DailyTheocentrism: He’s not “like”, He Is.

God is not a holy God, or a just God or a loving God; HE IS Holiness, HE IS Justice, HE IS Love- these do not describe Him, they flow from Him. Reality was born by the self-revelation of He, who IS the Sovereign. To attempt to capture the Source by a reflection or copy – or worse yet, a perversion is to diminish to the point of offense. Definition begins with Him.