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Theology: Where do we begin?

Attached are the slides for Prolegomenon and an Intro to Hermeneutics for the SysTheo classes at CCS. If you have never thought deeply about hermeneutics (The Science and Art of Biblical Interpretation), then check out the slides. They are based on Howard Hendricks’ book, Living by the Book. For a Christian, not having a good foundation in Hermeneutics is like a Doctor not having a good foundation in Anatomy and Physiology. Think about it . . .

Intro to Herm


SysTheo Quarter 2 Exam Study Guide

Test yourself!!


“Lyrical Theology” Proper : Help from a rapper {Lyrics for the SysTheo Exam}

SysTheo Study Guide – for my little brother, Will

See attached for the study guide for the next SysTheo Exam. Hey, even if you are not in the class – maybe you wanna give it a try? . . 🙂

SYSTHEO mid-quarter 2

SysTheo Class Study and Presentations

Great work CCS Systematic Theology Classes! After 60+ hours of combined work, these are pretty good overviews. The Father is truly amazing!

See slides here and learn your class’ approach.

God the Father student presentations