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Question on Dispensationalism, Israel and Continuity, part 2

Meagan wrote:

how would you reply to the notion that dispensationalism is a relatively new (just over 100 years old according to some) belief, and that it is not biblical in origin? Also, why is it
so important to clarify whether the Bible is referring to Jews or Christians ( or both) when it speaks of the “church”?

Lastly, is 1 Cor. 15:52 the only passage from which to build a theology of the rapture, and specifically a pre-tribulational rapture?


This second one is a very important question, in my opinion. The first answer must be that it is only important if the Text seems to make it important. I think the Text does indeed do this.

From the inception of the nation of Israel through Abram of Ur, God had designed a people to be distinct. For certain purposes, God made an “us and them” situation between Israel and everyone else. This distinctive puts Israel in a unique light by definition. Now, Paul works some of that out in Romans 3 by way of a side argument. This intersects what God is doing through the Gospel more in Romans 9-11. It is this intersection that many interpret the “mystery” that Paul speaks of very often being the Church producing Gospel. This is heightened by Romans 11:25 that indicates a time and position distinction for Israel, offset from the Gentiles (everyone else).

The key is always remembering that when you say “Jew”, you must think of both the individual AND the nation. Read the rest of this entry »

A picture is definitely worth 1,000 words

I have often tried to keep and offer perspective on how we view the Church in out local fellowships by drawing attention to brothers and sisters in the Church in other parts of the world. Some of the things that we get really worked up about, don’t matter – yea are not even existent for countless Christian family in other parts of the world.

Today, I was preaching at a seminary gathering and mentioned, in a bit of tirade fashion, that clearly the church cannot be defined by bricks, mortar and buildings, lest we should have to think less of most of the Christian world that resides outside the Red-White-and-Blue.

Then a dear brother sent me these pics of an African meeting place for a local Christian fellowship. Thanks, man.

We should be so blessed . . .