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Duplicity? You be the judge . . .

My wife and I often find ourselves in the ethical conundrum of being offended by Christian Music comprised of weak and/or incorrect theology, BUT NOT being offended by a Jack Johnson song or a Styx song [she listens to Styx, not me . . . 😉 . . . ] Why are we so, I don’t know, hyper-focused or hyper-critical about Christian things, but not so much about non-christian things?

This brings up the issue that breaches the topic of culture as of late, in the upcoming memorial ceremonies of 9/11/01. Carl Trumen wrote the following:

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Come Thou Fount

He is the means and the Prize!

You are Holy (Prince of Peace) – Because He IS, we worship

For Systematics – thanks, Meggie!

DailyTheocentrism: The sum of all divine doctrines is simply Jesus Christ- Luther

Luther’s Epistle Sermons: Epiphany, Easter and Pentecost (Minneapolis, Minnesota; The Luther Press; 1909) Excerpted from a sermon titled: The Fruits of Faith. Our Spiritual Service. Preached on the first Sunday after Epiphany on Romans 12:1-6p. eBook

Sermon for Resurrection Sunday Phil. 2:1-13ff (2004)

Listen Here:Philippians 2, 1-11 Resurrection 2004