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It’s time for our worship day for Systematic Theology class again!

Theology must be as living and active as the Scriptures from which it is derived. We are revealed and learn and worship a real, living God – He IS! To day we are hearing and singing songs about God the Son and the Incarnation. We start with Jesus Messiah:

Has God Changed? Apologetics question #4

Slidepack for Apologetics Class

Continuity and discontinuity

SysTheo Study Guide – for my little brother, Will

See attached for the study guide for the next SysTheo Exam. Hey, even if you are not in the class – maybe you wanna give it a try? . . 🙂

SYSTHEO mid-quarter 2

Sonship of Jesus Passages for Systematic Theology Class

See attached for slidepacks that help with view of Sonship in the Ot and the NT

SysTheo Sonship Presentations

SysTheo Sonship Presentations2


Are there Errors in the Bible – slidepack for Apologetics class

See slidepack for review of class lectures and believe well!

Veracity of the Scriptures