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Desiring God iPhone/Pad App makes all of it free AND easy

It is no secret that Desiring God ministries, with Pastor John Piper, have been offering all of his books for free in PDF for some time now. Just go to and search for the book you want and then download for free. This can easily be accomplished for eReaders like the Kindle as well.


You can get the Desiring God app for iPhone or IPad and get all the sermons, transcripts, videos and books for free all the more easily. Get it and be blessed!

Theodicy: God and the Problem of Evil . . . is there an answer?

Attached is a slidepack on Theodicy for Senior Apologetics. The heart of the discussion is near the end between the videos from Zacharias and Piper. The answer to the problem of God and evil/suffering: The Cross.


Blog Nostalgia – Anthology and Review

A friend of mine told me that he missed seeing the posts. I have been so busy since last Fall, that I have definitely slowed down here. I think I can help AND deal with something that I have always had issues with.

Since blog posts are a bit more “now” than even magazines and newspapers, these e-periodical submissions are easily lost when new posts push the older ones out. I have to imagine that few dig around on the site to fine useful reading in the archived material. I know of other bloggers that will go back and take useful past posts and provide a review of sorts, so I thought I would as well. Just click the links to see the posts.


I’ll start with the Lighter Stuff.


The first is an old favorite about Chick Fil A. I was just starting out on the blog and wanted to take a little extra time to write a bit more. If the writing becomes cumbersome, just go right to the video.


The next has been a great favorite laugh moment of mine for a while. It is Bob Newhart at his best in what I call, The Darker Side of Nouthetic Counseling.


A fun site is mentioned in a wordle of The Apostles Creed.


Finally, on a cheeky, but serious note, why are we so easily shut down when wanting to talk about Jesus – but, not ice cream?



More anthologies to come!