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here are the pics of most of the books for sale. I will ask 1/2 of normal used prices. Thanks!


As the year winds down, we will be shutting down the club for the summer. I plan to start it up again next year, but do not know the details yet. I will keep you posted. For now, the following information is important:
There is no Pokemon Club this Saturday, the 6th.
– Our last Saturday club will be next Saturday, May 13.
– We will meet the Wednesdays of the 10th and 17th and then we will be finished.
– This next Wednesday and next Saturday, I am going to bring a selection of EX Cards for sale. The students want these types of cards for game play and collecting. Getting them from booster backs can take a while and be somewhat hit and miss. I will sell them for cash at about 60% their value. If your student wants some, they can buy with cash. This is so they can beef up their collection in a relatively less expensive manner. You your student will want to buy and is 5th grade and under, please just shoot me an email, so that I know it is ok.
– During the summer, if your child is itching to play, there is a league that meets every Saturday from 11-2 at East Coast Games, over off Buck Jones Road at 218 Nottingham Dr, Cary, NC 27511, just behind Reys restaurant. It is not a Christian establishment, but a relatively innocuous atmosphere for a gaming store. The League sponsor is a nice young lady. We go there 2-3 times a month. You are welcome to check it out with your child.

Thanks again for letting your student join and play. I hope they enjoy the rest of the year, a well-deserved summer break and I hope to see them back next year!